Finding a Stable for Your Horse

Before you buy a horse, you are going to have to have a stable to put them in.  You’re also going to have to assess whether you need full stabling or a pasture with a shelter.  Does your horse need any kind of care or special feed that the stable will be responsible for?  All of these and more will factor into where your horse ends up being stabled.  Let’s look at what you need to consider when finding a stable for your horse.

The kind of care they will receive

Of course your horse’s care and safety are going to be your biggest concern so when you shop around for a stable start looking at the following:

  • How many horses are there already and is there adequate room for your horse
  • Do the other horses look happy and healthy?
  • What kind of feed are they using and are the horses fed on schedule?
  • Is there clean water for the horses?

How safe is the stable

You need to look at windows, doors, walls and all around to make sure there are no safety hazards that can harm your horse.  The fences around the stable need to be solid and in good condition.  Is there a first aid kit handy for both people and horses and a fire extinguishers are a MUST.


The stable must have things like clean water, the aisles should be clean and so should the feed buckets.  Yes, it is a barn and it is going to smell but it should not be overwhelming and there should be ventilation.

How much is this going to cost

You need to understand that stabling a horse is not going to come cheap, and for many this is the deciding factor in choosing where there horse lives.  Costs will reflect the kind of care that your horse receives, so you’re going to have to balance costs with what your horse will need.  Here is how costs are figured out.

Is training provided and what kind

Does the type of training the stable offers work with the training methods you want to use on your horse?  Are they strictly classical or a little more laid back?  This is also a big factor in your choice.

Along the lines of training what are the other services that the stable offers?  Will they include riding lessons or will you have to find your own instructor?  There are other extras like special feeds that may not be available.  Do they include things like vet check ups or deworming?

All of these are things  you need to look at when you buy and stable a horse.  Look at each and every stable carefully before agreeing to board your horse there.